Frequently asked questions.

Congratulations on becoming a member with Global Adventures and welcome to one of the most powerful one-stop accommodation and vacation booking sites available on the internet today!!! We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you plan many dream vacations… Upon your return home please remember that until you receive your login and password, you’re only be able to browse the public side of our agency website, this taste displays only a small sampling of our available inventory. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if there’s anything we can do for you as our valued client in the interim of that login information’s arrival.

To help you get started navigating our site we’ve created this quick overview of what you’ll find once logged in. Listed here in bold are our available “links” with a short description of each function made available to you when clicking on each:

Dashboard – contains your reservation history allows you to update your contact information, renew your membership and deposit weeks into our MAP - Depositing weeks in MAP from ANY resort you own around the world; not only allows our exclusive member network to view that inventory (exactly as you will in “Member Listings”) but also makes your weeks available to the general public. All bookings are made in a simple internet transaction. When a general public booking is processed, you’ll receive 2 to 3 times your maintenance fee. You’ll want to list every week you aren’t using at ANY of your “home” resorts from around the world here. Here you can also remove any “Deposit” you’ve made; just in case something changes as we know can happen in life… Unlike most systems available on the market today this system allows you to remove any week you’ve “deposited” if that has not previously been reserved.

Like and Follow Us – follow us on Facebook as it’s the best way to keep you up to date with specials, travel insider news and member offerings.

Featured Destinations – these provide you with quick search results available at “Use Fees” in some of our most popular areas in our system.

Search Flights – this search is powered by one of the world’s largest distribution networks in the world. This network includes all major carriers, has no booking feee and no hassles, just a great way to find flights while saving money and time.

Resort Weeks – This function searches our real time databases of Condo weeks available by specific destination and date range.

Select Condos – an additional database available to members.

Hotels Nights – This function searches hotel nights available in 190 countries with one of the most innovative search platforms available on the market today.

Hotel Packages – the ability to build your own package deal; enter your parameters and let this powerful search engine go to work creating the best package deals available.

Car Rental – clicking here you’ll find the ability to search car rental rates in most any destination.

Member listings – clicking here you’ll find a list of weeks that other members have deposited into our MAP. This is a revolving inventory list so make sure to check it often to see what’s been uploaded. This is a fantastic way to travel to many new and exciting destinations by simply paying your fellow owners maintenance fee; a winning situation for everyone…

Cruises – clicking here you’ll be able to search the major Cruises lines; fill in your specific parameters or search our popular Cruises destination specials. For tips and insider info on Cruises make sure to contact our Call Center directly.

* With our site featuring different booking engines available 24 hours a day, most reservations can be made immediately without having to wait for confirmations. Some reservations made through our IATA affiliations must be made on a request basis and these typically take less than 48 hours to be attended. For any assistance please feel free to contact us during our normal business hours of Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on the Mountain Time zone. Reach us toll free at 1.877.311.9652 or 1.805.277.1875 or via our email at customerservice@globaladventures.info

Technical notes:
A. Some benefits contained on the website may take up to 48 hrs for the final activation process to be completed after the acceptance of the terms and conditions. B. Your Login ID and password are CASE sensitive, to ensure a successful login make sure to enter the codes exactly as they appear when they arrive in your welcome email. C. Our website supports most web browsers, however for the best view and functionality we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. D. Some of the benefits within the website require “pop up” windows. If you use any antivirus, firewall, web browser tool bars or any security application, please remember to enable your “pop ups” function so as not to interfere with the sites ability to display your benefits correctly.

Frequently asked questions.

Your codes are your access key to our Agency Website. Once you've logged in you'll be searching our distribution network of travel providers at our special agency pricing. The Website is designed to provide you with detailed information on the lodgings and services available and will allow you to complete most of these transactions online 24 hours a day.
The codes will arrive via email within 45 days of the payment in full of your access fee.
The prices shown cover the lodging. Some resorts do have a mandatory all inclusive fee and some Caribbean locations have immigration taxes which in both cases would only be payable upon arrival at the resort.
Cancelation policies vary but will be defined on each individual reservation that is made. We strongly recommend that VACATION INSURANCE is purchased for every reservation that is made as some are final. (Free quotes available through your member site)
These are your personal codes so you are free to book for friends and family but it is not recommended to loan your personal codes to someone to book directly. Your codes would be compromised with you having no way to control what is being booked.
Reservations are always subject to availability and each location will vary on their guidelines but most hotels can be booked with as little as 24 hours advance notice; most condominiums will need a minimum of 7 days notice. Most of our client's reservations are booked 14 to 90 days in advance of their selected travel dates.
You will need to provide a written copy of your confirmation, photo identification and a valid major credit card in your name.
No, your confirmation letter will come directly from the travel network provider that it was booked through.
Of course you can, we have our fully accredited IATA travel agency team available during normal business hours and we are happy to assist you with finding whatever you are looking for. In many cases our team members experience can locate additional inventory on this "request" basis that may not be able to be displayed in real time. It's always a good idea to give us a call.